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Another day, another jumpoff! This time it’s NY Knick Carmelo Anthony who is allegedly creeping on his wife LaLa. Anthony. A 19-year-old-girl named Asia Monroe is claiming she had an alleged two-month affair with Melo.

Asia claims Melo initiated the fling after contacting her on Twitter and later told her he “wasn’t happy” in his marriage. Monroe tweeted a picture of herself dining out with Anthony at a spot in Brooklyn, even though Melo told her to delete it.

In an interview with MouthToEars, Monroe claims Anthony repeatedly told her he “liked her legs” during the dinner date, saying “he said something like ‘he wanted my legs wrapped around him.’”

The teenager goes on to allege that Melo reached out to her as recently as last week, as well as revealing that he has   a model side piece he keeps holed up in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Keep in mind this is the same chick who put baller DeMarcus Cousins on blast by tweeting his nude pic.

Listen to the interview below and take a look at the texts and emails I found over at fullcourtpumps

This better be just another bad rumor, because I want these two to last!

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