R.I.P Donald Allen Robinson: Oct. 12, 1951 – Feb. 19, 2012


After more than 20 years of entertaining students as they strolled up and down High Street, Don Robinson, more commonly known as “Help is on the Way” or “The Rapping Bum,” has passed away at age 60.

Robinson was discovered lifeless in his apartment on Feb. 19. Though no autopsy was performed, it was speculated that he died from natural causes.

After growing up in Mississippi, Robinson moved to Ohio in 1972, but did not make it to Columbus until 1989. Here he eventually became the most famous “bum” in the city.

Delivering rhymes such as, “Have no fear, I’ll drink a beer/ Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, I need me a forty,” and “A shirt that looks like a jacket is a shacket,” Robinson always brought smiles to the faces of those he came across along High Street. He most often roamed near the Newport Music Hall and Tobacco International on E. 13th, carrying a cup of change and providing entertainment for people as they waited in line for concerts or were on their way to buy beer.


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