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We’ve just got done watching the sneak preview of VH1’s Behind The Music featuring Nas and from the looks of it this will be one of the best episodes of Behind The Music. We are almost too excited for this to air. So to help you get ready for the episode which airs Wednesday April 18th we are giving you 3 strong reasons that you need to tune in.

1. HIP HOP HISTORY LESSON: Watching this special will not just give you an inside look at Nas’ life growing up, it will also give you a history lesson in hip-hop. With Queensbridge being at the heart of the growing hip-hop movement from its beginnings, you will get Nas’ point of view on how MC Shan, Roxanne Shante, and other MC’s influenced him and what influence hip-hop  had on the youth at that time. Nas’ along with his brother Jungle tell stories of solving differences through breakdancing instead of violence and meeting hip hop legends like Rakim. It will definitely remind you of why you love hip-hop today.

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2. GRITTY NEW YORK AT IT’S BEST: That’s right, this music special could double as a gritty documentary on street life in New York City during a time where poverty was prevelant, drugs were rampant, and violence was common. Nas and his brother share tales of drugs in their burrows, dope fiends stalking at night, and even when Nas’ mom found his 9mm semi-automatic gun next to his drugs in his top drawer. Nas also talks about his beef with Tupac and shares the moment when his best friend Ill Will was shot along with his brother Jungle and the moment Will died as Nas stared into his eyes.

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3. THE REAL NASIR JONES: The VH1 special goes beyond gritty tales of life in NY and the legacy of hip-hop. You get to know more about Nasir Jones. Viewers will get to see a side of Nas they have never seen before. Nas gives you a personal account of when infidelity caused his mother to leave his father and the day he was given the title of “Man of the house”. Going even deeper into his personal life, Nas reveals the moment his mother passed away in his arms and how he dealt with her passing. From growing up to falling in Love with Kelis, Nas is an open book in this story of his life.

Now that you have our top reasons why you should tune in and watch Nas’ ‘Behind The Music’, watch the video for yourself and you may have your own reasons for not wanting to miss this. Get the sneak peek here.