#bigbinkshow – we live in a F’d up world!!  This coward randomly pushed a woman down the stairs in a subway station and the police still haven’t found him but one of the fools from his camp has been arrested…  He should be arrested and have his feet soaked in concrete!    

Nicki Minaj knows how to shake up Instagram! She posted some behind the scenes flicks from her upcoming Myx Moscato commercial and she looks fab! Dimepiece Fashion Cents APPROVED!

Got some behind the scenes photos from KCamp’s new video with 2 Chains in Los Angles, “Cut Her Off”.  Check out some photos from the video shoot!

We’ve just got done watching the sneak preview of VH1’s Behind The Music featuring Nas and from the looks of it this will be one of the best episodes of Behind The Music. We are almost too excited for this to air. So to help you get ready for the episode which airs Wednesday April […]