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Sources say that Jim Jones and fiance Chrissy Lampkin will not be returning to VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop but we’re in luck! They will be getting their own spinoff show!

When we were first introduced to the couple on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop, Chrissy and Jim Jones had been together for 6 years and weren’t engaged. We saw the beef between Chrissy and Jim’s mother, Mama Jones and Samaya Reese. The second season showed us more of a softer side as Chrissy was fed up with not being married to Jim and wanting a family. That didn’t take away from her causing more beef with Juelz Santana’s lady, Kimbella and Jim’s former manager, Yandy Smith.

The show is said to be called “Jim and the family JONES”. While Mama Jones was planning on getting her own show, well, it’s not happening! She will of course star on her son’s show and we’re sure she’ll bring something crazy to the table!

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