Act Like A Lady, But Think Like A Man. Last night was the Hollywood premiere of the battle of the sexes movie Think Like A Man. Here are three funny reasons to watch Think Like A Man.

3. It re-affirms the age old truth that we women already knew…..Men are dumb. They do dumb things. They say dumb things. And they think dumb thoughts! As women, we often tend to forget this, but thank you Steve Harvey and the male cast of Think Like A Man for reminding us. All I know is that although men may have THE dumbest habits, ya’ll are some of the sexiest/sweetest creatures on this earth. Which is what keeps us wanting more!

2. Micheal Ealy’s Eyes and Skills. LADIES. Watch out. You might not want to see this movie with your man because those eyes will have your heart melting. And not to mention the skills Ealy has in the kitchen……..and bedroom. I will never be able to look at chocolate cake and strawberries the same. Men. Take Notes!

1. KEVIN HART! I promise, Kevin hart will have you rolling on the floor laughing. There were times where he just served as the perfect comic relief from every situation. Plus, him and his female counterpart, in the movie, make a lot of the scenes WAY better. Mostly because we ALL know that one stubborn, divorced/broken up couple, who claims to be happy, but really are not!

Make sure to check out the movie when it comes out tomorrow April 20th!

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