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After Rhonda Roshell Washington(pictured) read some of her husband’s postings on Facebook, she allegedly stabbed him, according to the Daily Mail.  Now, Washington is behind bars and facing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon — charges that could land her in prison for 20 years if convicted.

When Bryan, Texas, police were called to the Washington residence, they found her unidentified husband standing outside his home and bleeding profusely from his hand.  The man told the officers that he was asleep when he heard his wife go off the deep end in their living room.

When the husband reportedly went to see what all the commotion was about, he caught his wife looking at his Facebook account. The 33-year-old Washington reportedly confronted her husband, flying in to a blind rage and chasing him around with a knife in her hand.

Washington then allegedly not only stabbed her husband — puncturing his hand — but also grabbed some keys and jabbed him with those as well.

The husband allegedly ran to another room, locked himself in, and then called police.

And even though Washington left the home before police arrived, police were able to find Washington and arrest her.  When questioned by authorities, Washington reportedly denied the Facebook trigger and instead reportedly told police that she and her husband had been arguing over his alleged PCP drug use.

As to what Washington read on her husband’s Facebook page that sent her in to such a tailspin, that has not been released by police.

Still, Washington remains in a county jail in lieu of a $999 bail.



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