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We all thought Michael Jackson and his siblings had it bad when they were catching whoopings from their svengali of a father Joe Jackson. However, if you are thinking of crossing Joe Jackson anytime soon, rethink your position. Joe Jackson has a gun and is not against using it.

Joe’s eyebrow-raising moment happened in Las Vegas at the Tuscany Hotel & Casino. Jackson was being honored at the Black Music Awards. Joe Jackson was brought on stage by a friend of his named Majestik. (Yes, he really spells it like that.) Majestik shared an anecdote about Joe and his gun. Apparently, Joe Jackson had words with Michael Jackson’s bodyguards two weeks before the King of Pop died. Joe told the bodyguards, “If I hear you all givin’ my son drugs or doing anything illegal with my son … I’ma kill all of you.”

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While the audience seemed to not believe the tale Majestik told, Joe Jackson got on stage and said the story was absolutely true. “It’s very true. Every word he said. I carry a piece everywhere I go … I’m gonna show it to you.”

Joe Jackson’s reasoning for carrying the weapon is he doesn’t feel protected. “I’ve been threatened a lot of times and so I need to be safe.”

Although people have reached out to Joe Jackson for further comment on the matter, he hasn’t responded to tell anyone if he is licensed to own or carry a handgun. We tend to doubt Jackson is licensed because who in their right mind would allow Joe Jackson to own a damn gun? Seriously.



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