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In a new Q&A with, Tony Rock opens up about his busy schedule – a new role on BET’s Reed Between The Lines, hosting duties with the newly revised Showtime at the Apollo, and his continuous stand up. Chris Rock’s brother also boasted about his family full of funny siblings and whether or not the world would ever get to see what they each had to offer via tour.

Does that mean that we might see the brothers touring one day?

Oh, I’m waiting on him. I’m ready to go when he’s ready to go.

Might that happen anytime soon?

Maybe 2013, ’14? For myself, I don’t want it to be a room full of Chris Rock fans and they go, ‘Oh, his brother’s on the show too. That’s kinda cool.’ I want it to be, ‘We’re Tony Rock fans over here! We’re Chris Rock fans over here! And the Chris Rock fans at the end are like, ‘Wow, now we’re fans of Tony!’ And the Tony Rock fans are like, ‘Now, we’re fans of Chris!’ Although it’s more lopsided in his favor, but that’s the way I look at it. And I think he’s waiting for it to be more Tony Rock than Chris Rock’s brother. And if that’s what he’s waiting for, I’m fine. I’m gonna be doing this for the rest of my life, so there’s no rush.

Who’s the funnier Rock brother?

I’m gonna say him, because he taught me how to box. So the trainer always knows a little more than the boxer. He might say me, because I’m more improv, off-the-cuff, quick witted.

You have the new role on “Reed Between The Lines” coming, what else is on tap for Tony Rock?

I am the new host of Apollo Live! It’s the retooling, re-launching, rebirth of Showtime at the Apollo, executive produced by Jamie Foxx. That might be, if I had to say the biggest thing, that might be it right there.

That’s huge…

James Brown, Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, Diana Ross, the Temptations, the O’Jays, the Commodores, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Dick Gregory, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx have all stepped foot on that stage, have all been broke kids dreaming of performing at the Apollo and now Tony Rock is the guy that hosts the world’s first, longest-running, most acclaimed talent competition on the planet. If anything gets bigger than that, I can’t see it in the horizon. Not bad for a skinny kid from Brooklyn.

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