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It’s that time of year when people who don’t know Aubrey Graham from a Teddy Graham decide they want to play rapper for Halloween. While there is nothing we can do to stop this ratchet tradition from continuing, we’d like to call out you lazy, unimaginative culture vultures on the b.s. costumes you’re about to order online.

Following are 13 of the worst examples of cheap disguises that people who probably recreate fights in black face will  be wearing on All Hallows Eve.

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The underwear comes attached to the top of the pants, which is good because anyone wearing this probably doesn’t do much laundry.

At the least we hope MC Hammer gets a check for these. Make sure to supply your own cheap glasses though.

Anyone who pays $9.00 for an inflatable radio should be slapped on sight with a bag full of 20 D batteries. D mothaf*cka, D!

So this is where Holly Robinson Peete got her ratchet ass costume from last year.

And the clock isn’t even included with this one!

This looks like a raccoon is dry-humping his chin. And does this come with a free CD-R of Self Made 2?

If a real du-rag  costs $1.99 why the for the love of God would I buy a fake one for $4.00??

If you’re going to pay $20 for a black trash bag, just take a real one, blow it up and go as Missy Elliot instead of a no frills Salt-N-Pepa.

Every time I read the description I think “yes, this IS lame…”

We know that Lil Wayne is from Louisiana, but why does he have to be a zombie? Or is this Lil Jon trying to revive his career? Either way it’s wack.

Hey parents, if you want your child to get pelted with stale jaw breakers from Halloween ’89, dress him up as Chunky A!

If you insist on being Nicki Minaj this Halloween make sure that your inflatable butt pads are secure and to bleach your mustache.

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