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A lot of rappers lay claim to stories of the difficult journeys they took to get to where they are, but for Los Angeles’ Sirah, it seems like a long trip indeed from her days of homelessness, which she says she pretended was “camping,” and cutting her teeth at 8 Mile-style shows in South Central, to appearing on two massive hits over the past year, signing to Pulse/Atlantic Records AND having her music featured on MTV’s upcoming reality show “Washington Heights.”

That certainly wasn’t an easy place to break out of as a 5-foot rapping white girl, especially long before being a 5-foot rapping white girl was a total thing, but it forced her to refine her game, she says. Kind of surprised she didn’t end up going with the moniker Petit Sirah, all things considered (that’s a wine pun for those of you who are of wine-drinking age). It’s definitely not a coincidence, however, that “sirah” means “life” or “journey” in Arabic, and more specifically the sum total of the experiences that make up who we are as people. READ MORE 

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