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So when I wrote the headline “How A Razor Came Between Big Boi and André 3000,” I thought it was pretty clear that I was being a bit facetious. You know, if you actually read the story and Big Boi’s quotes about the two not being able to get their schedules together for a collaboration on Big Boi’s new album. I mean, the quote did include the notation that he was laughing as he was discussing Dré’s Gillette commercial. I suppose not everyone is familiar with my homeboy, sarcasm.

Nonetheless, in a new Q&A with Hip Hop DX, Big Boi made it clear that he and his OutKast other half get along just fine.

DX: 3000 revealed to Spin that there was an earlier Soul-influenced version of Vicious Lies that he encouraged you to set to the side. Is that true?

Big Boi: Actually, it was [just] as far as the title. He was just like, “Soul Funk Crusader just sounds kinda like old school.” He was like, “Just the title alone, people might think it’s gonna be old.” And the music that I was making [was futuristic]. ‘Cause it’s actually the same songs [that he heard], but the title of the album might’ve gave people a different notion of what it was. He was like, “This don’t sound like Soul-Funk, it doesn’t sound like some old Funk, it sound like some of that new-new shit.” And I was like, “Cool.”

But that’s my partner. You know, when we meet behind closed doors – And you get the articles and [it’s] “he said this” and “he said that;” muthafuckas taking shit outta context; they don’t really know us. That’s my brother. He comes to my house; our kids play together. They play video games and we sit and listen to music and just catch up.

But, that’s out of the public eye. But when you been with a guy since the tenth grade, we don’t have to see each other every day. And we don’t have to make records all of the time; we got a catalog that’s unprecedented. And, when he ready to do a full ‘Kast record together, then that’ll happen. But until then, ain’t no problems or nothing and the music [I make] is still gonna sound out of this world.

DX: Have my [media] predecessors today been jumping on you about that? I got a feeling you had to get that out.

Big Boi: Yeah, man. ‘Cause now our thing is we don’t even discuss Outkast. Until y’all see us sitting in the chair next to each other, we don’t even discuss it.


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