The highly anticipated season premiere of “American Idol” aired last night and fans were finally able to see the Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey drama that has been brewing ever since Nicki signed on to be a judge. The premiere was far from boring, with both Nicki and Mariah’s antics showing that maybe their feud isn’t fake.

MTV stars weighed in on the American Idol premiere last night. “Jersey Shore” star @snooki wrote,”What the hell is going on. Lmao what an intro! #americanidol.” “Real World” cast member, @RobbMTV wrote, “Nicki Minaj is judging #AmericanIdol .A singing competition .. But isn’t she a rapper?” Talk show provocateur Wendy Williams also had her two cents: @WendyWilliams wrote, “#AmericanIdol premiered last night & u know I have an opinion.”

Fans weighed in on the premiere as well. Check out the tweets below:

@Brand0nWinn13 wrote, “These insults Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey are subliminally trying to throwing at each other are ENTERTAINING. #AmericanIdol.”

@driickygraham wrote, “Only watching American Idol for THIS WOMAN —>> @NICKIMINAJ #thethirstisrealforu lmao.”

@AlexGreen713 wrote, “Nicki Minaj is keeping everyone’s attention. People are tuning in to #AmericanIdol just to see her craziness in action.”

@MishCam wrote, “I will not apologize for the fact that I thought #americanidol was hysterical last night. the tension btwn Mariah and Nicki was awesome.”

Anytime Minaj is involved, things are always interesting. The second part of the premiere airs tonight at 8PM on Fox. READ MORE

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