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Aside from the feud between the judges, Nicki Minaj’s strange nicknames for contestants on Wednesday night’s episode of “American Idol” had everyone talking. From “Gumby” to “Finger Licking Good” and of course, “Ladybug,” Nicki had a strange pet name for nearly every contestant. #NickiNickNames began to trend during the program and fans joined in on the fun.

“#NickiNames Is Trending I Want One @NICKIMINAJ” asked one fan on Twitter and others echoed some of the names she said “I’m just gonna call everyone either Blondie, Gumby, Fingerlickingewd, or Little Ladybug from now on. Oh nicki..,” “LMFAO she called someone Gumby, then Collard Greens.#NickiNames” and “Nicki Minaj and her #nickinames are hilarious. I dont care what anyone says, i love her.”

Later in the show, amazingly enough, Nicki was bestowed with the nickname Dun Dun by the 3-year-old daughter of a contestant.


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