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The problem with Molly is that she can tend to be fake. No, I don’t mean a person, I mean the drug. Molly, also known as the purest form of ecstasy  is often sold as something else. Many times, the drug is replaced with ingredients that contain something along the lines of MDMA such as ephedra and caffeine. There was an instance where a criminal group sold a batch of PMA as MDMA. This ended up causing about twenty deaths worldwide in 2001.

That was over ten years ago and although statistics on death rates when it comes to MDMA or MDMA look-a-likes are scarce, it can be said that more and more young adults are taking the drug. It is far from being new, but Molly has become re-made and branded to be something that it is not. Click HERE to see how you can tell what is supposed to be a pill and ‘popped’ and what is not.


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