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There’s always a trend in hip-hop. This years trend- Molly. No, this is not a female named molly. It’s actually a drug, specifically called MDMA. MDMA is popularly known as ecstasy. The drug is known to produce feelings of of increased energy, euphoria, emotional warmth and empathy toward others, and distortions in sensory and time perception'(NIDA).

Now the emergence of Molly seems to be random, but in reality, the drug has been around for a while. It has particularly become popular in the nightclub and ‘rave’ scene. Adolescents and young adults seem to be the largest participants in the usage of MDMA.

There are many problems with MDMA but one is that it is often combined with usage of other drugs. MDMA is also said to fade easily causing a want for more within a short amount of time. This could therefore cause addiction.

Many non-drug users have heard of Molly and are much more willing to try it than other drugs. The reason for this is because the real effects of MDMA are often romanticized or unaddressed in the media. This can especially be seen in the rap lyrics and songs of many popular artists. The problem with ‘molly’ is that she has become the newest fad in hip-hop and many are buying into it without understanding the consequences.

To find out more information on molly, click HERE.

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