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1. Guinness (UK)

Epic, hilarious, brilliant, perfectly branded.

I could have made a list of just Guinness ads.

This is the best one they ever produced.

2. Carlton (Australia)

The mocking of stupid, big budget beer ads with a stupid, big budget beer ad. (The shots are all real, that’s not digital chicanery.)

3. Budweiser (USA)

This is the only mainstream American beer commercial to make the cut. It is that rare ad that became a big part of national culture.

The rest of the sexist, celeb-driven, lowest common denominator humor crap produced by the big US brands doesn’t even deserve a mention. RELATED::Why Molly Can Be Fake

4. Hahn (Australia)

In America, we get moronic “Man Up” beer commercials that look like they were created by ass-kissing account executives.

THIS is how you do a manly beer ad. It is a goddamn wonder for the eyes. Look at the hilarious manly steps the beer goes through before it gets to your glass. It’s one of those rare spots you want to watch more than once. And NOT A WORD of dialogue or voiceover.

5. Carlton (Australia)

Men look better in slow motion.

The best three-minute commercial ever.

The hilariously stupid song is sung to the tune of “Nessun dorma,” a Puccini aria.

6. Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day (UK)

“He has to be careful here not to lose the big lad…”

Focking awesome. A piece of art.

7. Guinness (UK)

A great story, a great commercial.

8. Red Stripe (USA)

I could also have made a separate list with just ads featuring the wonderfully optimistic Red Stripe Ambassador. I picked out my favorite. The most perfect 10-second ad ever. RELATED::What is “Suicide Tuesday”?

9. Stella Artois (USA)

Super stylish, super fun.

Directed by Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola.

10. Carlton (Australia)

It’s got a cops and robbers chase, “crashes,” cheesy 1980s music and, smartly, the spot doubles as a Don’t Drink/Drive ad.

11. Toohey’s (Australia)

This makes the list simply because it is the most batshit bizarre beer ad ever.

Toohey’s is known for their strange ads.

If you have a favorite beer commercial that you think deserves to be added to my perfect list, leave it in the comments. If it passes muster, I will add it to the post. SOURCE