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According to the good folks over at Nahright.com Kanye West decided to call in to DJ Enuff’s radio show and show off about not being treated better by Sway on the recent MTV Hottest MC’s list. Ye was mortified that he was ranked #7. He blamed everything from Kim to Cruel Summer to his clothing choices for his poor ranking.  Ye threw Sway totally under the bus by saying, “I bought Sway his first TV and he needs to remember that.”

Oh for the love of Shawn Carter, why is Kanye calling in to a radio show to fuss about being ranked #7 out of 25 on any list”? Isn’t it a little petty to be upset about not being ranked higher? The worst part of it is, there are young cats doing everything they can possibly think of, just to be considered number 25 on a list like that. How come Kanye can’t be thankful that his name is on the list at all?

And while we’re at it, why would he publicly throw yet another tantrum about people not behaving the way that he wants them to, if he doesn’t want media and fans to call him spoiled or coddled, or pampered? These are questions folks would like answers to because it’s getting exhausting. Kanye, people want to cheer for you, it would be great if you could just sit back and let them.

You be the judge! Take a listen to the interview below!

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