Morris Chestnut is known for a lot more than his sexy, beautiful, perfectly shaped body and face and arms and….well yeah get my point. It can be easy to forget he is an actor too, and a good one too! Morris Chestnut’s most recent debut is in the movie ‘The Call’ where he plays Halle Berry’s love intrest. He sat down and talked a little about his role and gave us the scoop on a movie we have watched over and over and over again since it came out.

Yeah, I’m talking about ‘The Best Man.’ The cast is getting back together to make a sequel to what has been argued as the best black film ever made. Morris Chestnut gave us all the juicy details about filming, shooting, and the all star cast. Listen below to catch the full interview!

Morris Chestnut Reveals Juicy Details Of The Sequel To ‘The Best Man’ [AUIDO]
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