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The truth is definitely stranger than fiction. A prostitute in Zimbabwe thought to have been dead suddenly came back to life after she was placed in a coffin.

As the story goes, the prostitute was in the middle of a wild session with a customer when she collapsed at the Manor Hotel in the city of Bulaweyo. The client was horrified and convinced the call girl was dead so he called the police. Law enforcement sent the paramedics to the scene and that’s where things get interesting. as the paramedics loaded the coffin holding the “dead” prostitute on to their trucxk, the prostitute woke up and jumped out of the coffin.

According to local news outlets, the hooker jumped out of the coffin screaming, “You want to kill me! You want to kill me!” The whole ordeal scared the mess out of people who gathered to watch the scene play out. A source told Bulaweyo24 News, “It was like a movie. People were running away in different directions. It was a scary incident because we were all convinced that she had died because she was just cold. Miracles surely do happen.”

The hooker known as MaNdio was escorted home by another prostitute. Wait, prostitution is legal in Zimbabwe? There was never a mention about either party having to deal with any legal repercussions.


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