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Does Rihanna have that “it” factor or the ultimate in sex appeal? According to FHM magazine, Rihanna is “incredibly” appealing enough to make the top 2 on their annual list of sexiest women.

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“Rihanna is incredibly – almost super-humanly – sexy, and the fact that she’s also kind of a bad-a** only makes her seem even sexier. Whether being snapped smoking spliffs, live-tweeting her boozing sessions, or upsetting Irish farmers by flashing too much flesh, she’s never less than 100 percent entertaining. Long may she reign,” reports FHM.

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That said, Rihanna comes in at no.2 on the annual list, only topped by Mila Kunis, who is this year’s sexiest.

Beyonce, Rita Ora and Carly Rae Jepsen also made the entertaining list, with Beyonce coming in at no.19. SOURCE