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Actress Zoe Saldana recently posed nude for Allure Magazine and revealed some intimate details about her love life.   Saldana, who was once engaged to Keith Britton and dated Bradley Cooper earlier this year is letting the cat out the bag about men and liking women confirming bi-sexuality.

“No, it wasn’t a generalization.  It was a statement that I strongly stand by. As of today, I’ve been attracted to the male species, but if one day I wake up and want to be with a woman, I will do that because it is my life, therefore it is my decision.”

When Allure magazine asked about if she had ever dated a women before.

“Promise me one thing: You’re going to ask this question [in the article]—- if you choose to, just put three dots as my response. That’s it.”

In addition to her sexuality how much she weighs has come to bring chatter to Allure readers.  Allure entitled the article featuring Zoey, “115 pounds of grit and heartache.”  People are upset because the magazine is attempting to highlight her very thin figure.  The fashion industry has come under heat lately for highlighting “unhealthy” small figures and models instead of people with “normal” figures.

Check out some more pictures from here risque photoshoot.



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