Yesterday EA Sports made the announcement of adding a new feature to it’s long running Madden franchise series, called the NFL 25 Playbook to go along with Madden Ultimate Team.  The Madden Ultimate team will allow players to build an allstar team of sorts, which can the gamer can upgrade or improve upon though the chemistry settings.

This years Ultimate Team mode sees a few upgrades in the feature department as well, this time around we have the ability to upgrade the chemistry between the offensive and defensive players. The new head to head mode will have players face-off in one on one match up type game with a 10 game season and playoffs which players have to qualify for.

The best line up feature also sees a makeover, you can automatically sort though your teams best players by tapping one button instead of going though the entire roster to find the best player available.  Which means more time of playing and less time sorting though the roster.

If you want to know more go over to EA Sports to find out the details and new features on Madden NFL 25 Playbook.


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