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Rihanna learned the hard way that you can’t blow everything off. A judged agreed to fine her more than $47,000 for holding up court procedures.

Via TMZ:

Rihanna’s ex-accountants have been trying to get the singer to sit for a deposition in a lawsuit she filed against them. Rihanna claims they mismanaged her money and owed her millions, but the accountants claim Rihanna’s the one who’s at fault.

According to the accountants — Berdon LLP — Rihanna’s been blowing off deposition after deposition (Lindsay-style) costing them boatloads in attorneys’ fees, so Berdon asked the judge to punish the singer.

The judge agreed and fined Rihanna $47,050.

In addition, the judge ordered for Rihanna to sit down for the deposition August 28th, and if she doesn’t show up, he might dismiss her case all together.

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