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There are few things Camp Lo are not strangers to. One would be the ideal of pushing fashion forward. By combining the slickness of the 90′s with the funk of the 70′s, Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede set the tone for every hipster breathing. Two would be the concept of having the sought after classic single… twice. Despite being released in 1995, “Luchini” “Coolie High” and “Black Nostaljack” still move the crowd whenever they come on. And three would be having actual track-time with a legendary producer. And as one of the sonic architects of the golden era, Pete Rock has earned his place at the top of the pile and show-and-proved on volume one of “80 Blocks From Tiffany’s.”  And with Volume 2 hot on the block with all production done by the Soul Brother Number One himself, the duo from the Bronx once again pulled off that hat trick in Hip-Hop. caught up to them after a packed show in NYC to get their thoughts on new projects, Drakes fashion and the future. Get your Arm-Mah-Red-Dah ready.

TUD: You guys took a lot of time off, but choose Pete rock to create the comeback on the scene with E.B.F.T. What made you choose him?

Sonny Cheeba: Actually, it was out of our hands, the universe kinda did that. We was in the studio, he was coming through with our DJ and all that. He heard what we was doing, we heard what he was doing and then it just meshed. Came up with an ill idea, 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s, and then from that it kept rolling from volume one to volume two. I don’t want to fast-forward to the next question you gonna ask but the difference is Pete Rock did all of Volume two, all original beats.

There’s also a lot more collabs on Volume 2. What made you want to open the doors to other MC’s?

Geechi Suede: Well, the cats that we got in there, we dug where they’re coming from. Always been big fans of MOP, we got hip to Ab Soul, thought he was ill. Mac Miller did a Cooley High remix; I liked the way he flipped that. Talib, always dope, shout out to Mos Def too. And Uncle Murda, he just another one that kinda took me by surprise.

Sonny Cheeba: Yeah, his energy on that song was respectful.

When it comes to style you guys have always been original. Now I see a lot of hipsters and newer cats emulating you. How do you stay ahead of the curve?

Sonny Cheeba: I guess after doing it for so many years, it’s routine, so it’s like you fall into the pocket of it. If you not doing it, it makes you feel funny, so you’re trying NOT to try! You know what I’m saying? (Laughs) Exactly.

So what’s your take on the little Lo’s running around the business like the look is new?

Cheeba: Um, I respect it all. The fact that they’re influenced by what we do? I dig it. I’m not a dude to sit back and be like “Aww man, how he gonna bite like that?!” You know what I’m sayin? It’s more like “Aight, you can do that. There’s gonna be another idea that’ll pop into the head.”

You’ve never seen any body that was going a little too hard to copy and you had to tell him to chill?

Cheeba: I couldn’t get into that right now…

I wouldn’t ask you to name names…

Cheeba: Oh, well then yeah, I definitely seen somebody come through the door one time and I’m like “my man, that’s never been your get-up!” (Laughs) But it’s all good.

Suede: I concur (Laughs)

You ever thought about helping out Drake? His clothes are the stuff that memes are made of.

Cheeba: He likes to go against sh*t. Like he don’t want to do the cutie-pie… in his mind he’s thinking “I’m already Nickelodeon Drake. If I start doing this cutie-pie walk, it’s gon be a little too much!” That’s how I’m thinking his mind is… I don’t know the dude.

So what’s next for you guys?

Cheeba: They need a full dosage of this “80 Blocks From Tiffany’s.” That’s number one. It’s only a day old so we gotta milk it, let them cats see the visuals for it, cause you know seeing is believing all day. And then you know, when that new Lo come through… we already got songs done for it with Ski. We got archives of music. We’re just bringing back that old ‘Lo magic.

DOWNLOAD “80 Block’s From Tiffany’s Pt 2″ HERE.

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