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WATER COOLER TALK: The dance craze twerking has become such a problem in the small town of DeQuincy, Louisiana that city officials have made it illegal! If you are caught twerking you will have to serve 30 days and that’s for your first offense.

This just adds to more crazy laws…. like did you know in the state of Ohio it’s illegal to sell corn flakes on Sunday? LOL!!!

Do you think this twerking law is good or stupid? Do you think getting your twerk on is worth spending 30 days in jail? Damn Miley!!!


UPDATE: 9-18-13 2:46PM

According to KATC-TV this story is false.  The Mayor of DeQuincy told the television station that he doesn’t even know what twerking is, but he verifies the story is untrue.  Oh well it was fun while it lasted right????  Twerk on my people!!!



What’s Twerking?  Watch the video…

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