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If  you missed the Misty’s Matter of the Heart this morning, here’s what I discussed:

Most of us, if not all of us, probably have people in our lives that can be considered a ‘leech’. Instead of sucking your blood, they hi-jack your energy. They effect your moods. Even worse, dictate your moods. If they’re in a good mood, you’re in a good mood. If they’re not, neither are you. This relationship/friendship may feel like you’re carrying a boulder around. 

Maybe you have a “friend” and in your heart you know that person is poisonous. They pretend to care, but secretly they’re hating on you or talking about you.

Now is the time to take a closer look at those people, situations, and relationships. Then ask yourself “DO I WANNA TAKE THIS DEAD WEIGHT INTO 2010?”

The new year is just 17 days away! So we all have some homework to do.  IT’S TIME TO STOP TREATING THE WRONG PEOPLE RIGHT!