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A Pre-K drug discovery has parents and children at a Philadelphia school concerned and police searching for answers.

Investigators say a four-year-old brought eight bags of crack cocaine and $173 to a Philadelphia grade school Tuesday morning and was showing it off to classmates.

The incident happened at the Thomas Mifflin Elementary School in the 3600 block of Conrad Street in the city’s East Falls section.

“I’m shocked that a kid was able to bring drugs to school, but it isn’t really surprising with the drug epidemic in the city,”

said mom Jennifer Gallagher.

Others were left speechless.

“I don’t know what to say about that.”


According to police, a four-year-old boy flashed a roll of cash and a bag of narcotics to fellow classmates. A classmate then alerted a teacher.

“It is something to play with. He showed it to classmates. You know, I commend the classmate for bringing it to the attention of the teacher,”

said Chief Inspector Cynthia Dorsey.

“Not very often, but unfortunately it has happen in the past. There have been incidents in which children have access to these types of substances,”

said Fernando Gallard, the Chief of Communications for the School District of Philadelphia.

“The child is a victim of a situation, wherever that situation is occurring either in the home or somewhere else. We are providing that child with the support that we can,”

Gallard said.

The district is bringing counselors to talk to the Pre-K class about what happened and waiting to hear if anyone is found responsible.

Police are questioning the uncle of the four-year-old boy.


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