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Joe Budden Says He Almost Cried Watching Himself Propose To Tahiry

Last night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop New York” finally gave viewers a look at what really went down leading up to and during Joe Budden’s much talked-about proposal to his long-time lady love Tahiry.

A short video clip of the proposal taken by a bystander in Times Square surfaced a few months ago, but it paled in comparison to watching the real thing and even jean-vest Joey himself admitted that he almost shed a few tears.

joetin jbudden

Of course, Tahiry also tuned in to watch yesterday’s episode and from the looks of things, she wasn’t alone.


Tahiry shared this shot of herself having “family time” with her mother & 2 sisters just after last night’s episode aired.

Word on the street is that Tahiry said “no” to married life with Joe, but a few of her Instagram fans were quick to point out how Tahiry’s sister Lexie was conveniently covering her ring finger in the photo, as if she had something to hide. Do you think there’s a chance that Tahiry will be Mrs. Joe Budden sooner than later, Bossip fam?


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