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How cute!  I didn’t know Elmo had moves like this!  Watch actor Craig Robinson and Elmo “Do it for the Vine” in this video!


via Celebirty Gossip

Capturing a cute parody on “Sesame Street,” Craig Robinson and Elmo performed their own rendition of the currently trending, “Do it for the Vine!”

The original video features a little dancer and an older friend telling her to “Do it for the Vine,” and she responds twice, saying, “I ain’t gonna do it!” before jumping into a cute dance routine.

Elmo and “The Office” alum recreate the effect in their own video, and Elmo takes the place of the dancer.

Check out the original Vine, then watch the “Sesame Street” video below. Be prepared to gush over the cuteness!



-DJ Dimepiece “The Mixin’ Vixen”