The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office are adamant about this unofficial war on drugs occurring in our city. The battle to keep drugs off the streets is constantly ongoing. This time the authorities were able to seize more than $750,000 worth of heroin in north Columbus. According to the sheriff’s office, they received inside information that […]

Happy Birthday Biggie Smalls! The late Brooklyn native would be celebrating his 47th birthday today. In the spirit of his birthday, the Christopher Wallace Foundation has officially confirmed that the Notorious B.I.G. will be receiving his very own intersection in Brooklyn. According to Billboard, the borough will officially change the intersection of Gates Avenue and […]

One half of Rae Sremmurd, Slim JXMMI got into a bloody fight in the middle of the street in New Zealand that ended up with one person stabbed and rushed to the hospital. It seems that the fight broke out because as the group was walking down the street someone started to recording a video […]

#bigbinkshow – reports are coming in that recently, Ezekiel Elliot punched a guy inside of a Dallas nightclub.  According to reports the victim got into a verbal altercation with a woman at Ezekiel’s party.

#bigbinkshow   Well The rooster is clueless at who is fighting but this Road Rage fight in H Town was all over the news Today!  If you didn’t see it, Check It out –  

H Street in Washington D.C. wasn’t always known for its vibrant store fronts and electic mix of cultured professionals, celebrating life. There was a period in time when H Street was simply known as the slums, which produced more drug dealers and crack heads than thriving business owners. And then came Cathy Hughes, a single mother with a dream […]

Do you keep up with the Kardashians?  Well then maybe you can guess which one conformed that their is another baby on the way!


You gotta check out this video out of these cats trying to move a 11 Foot Alligator out of the street……Who does this?        

How cute!  I didn’t know Elmo had moves like this!  Watch actor Craig Robinson and Elmo “Do it for the Vine” in this video!

Pastor Street Fighter (Benny Hinn Going Ham)