The Heat took a heartbreaking loss on Fathers day night against the San Antonio Spurs. The Heat super star, Lebron James, scored 31 of the 87 points along with 10 rebounds and 5 ast. Which kinda makes you feel sorry they didn’t get their “3-peat”

The Question is, did they really act like they wanted it in the first place? Let’s take a look at the Series:

Game 1: Heat 95- Spurs 110

Game 2: Heat 98- Spurs 96

Game 3: Heat 92- Spurs 111

Game: 4 Heat 86- Spurs 107

And last nights game 5 was a heart wrenching score of 87 for the Miami Heat and 104 for the 2014 NBA FINAL CHAMPIONS The San Antonio Spurs. ^_^

Ofcourse there could be many reasons why the Miami Heat lossed their tittle.


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