Martine Baker

You know the different instagram memes that has been circulating the internet with a guy on a phone looking like he’s on an important phone cal?  Well he has a name and it has been revealed and wait to you find out more about this man.

Via social media, it looks like Martin Baker is against Mike Brown, the young man that was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson.  Here’s more info about Martin Baker according to reports on Instagram:

Martin Baker 2


lFrom what i being reported, Martin D. Baker is a republican who is against the criminalizing Officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed unarmed Michael Brown.

Martin Baker 3

What are your thoughts?  Everyone is free to their own opnion but does he have a valid point?

Martin Baker 4

Martin Baker 5

Martin Baker 6


But you have to admit, the memes have been quite funny!


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