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I swear these two are twins. We all have seen the memes of Lil Mama and Bow Wow looking like twins in the past. I don’t care how much contouring Mama has on her face, she is looking like Bow to me. Many of you will agree. Well, Mama had some fun with this notion […]


  Saturday February 25th the internet claimed Nicki Minaj dead after Remy Ma released a diss track called ‘Shether’ dragging Nicki and her reputation.  Click here if you haven’t heard it yet. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! And just like every other time somebody has gotten bodied the internet followed with hilarious memes memorializing the […]

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Actor, Comedian and TV Host took to her Twitter to post a humorous meme of a photoshopped photo of her riding the back of Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt from Jamaica and social media went ham on her!  Calling her racisit. Click here to see the meme   Do you think Ellen DeGeneres’s meme was […]


Twitter went in on the rapper, questioning his authority on women and how they depict their sexuality in relation to motherhood.


A freelance writer and recent newlywed from Texas stood up for men everywhere after an internet troll mocked his tearful wedding photo. In an interview…

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A lot of times we can pinpoint when memes will go crazy. For example, we all saw Uncle Denzel before the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in real…

DJ Dimepiece

You know the different instagram memes that has been circulating the internet with a guy on a phone looking like he’s on an important phone cal?  Well he has a name and it has been revealed and wait to you find out more about this man.

DJ Dimepiece

As you know, Meek Mill was arrested for violation of his Probation and is looking at a few weeks to a month in jail.  Now that the word has surfaced, social media has been instigating that Wale may have had involvment in Meek Mills arrest.  It’s kind of funny.  Check out the Meme thats going […]

Black Music Month

The Internet has changed everything we do from talking on the phone to how we watch TV. And since popular images are always great Halloween…