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JHud Iggy

Jennifer Hudson gets rough with Rapper Iggy Azalea. Well it was all in fun.  The two team up for an upcoming video.

via NY Post

Breaking the law never looked so good.

“Officer” Jennifer Hudson slaps the cuffs on an “unruly” Iggy Azalea in the streets of downtown Los Angeles while filming a ’70s-inspired music video for their new track, “Trouble.”

Glamorous in a flowy, Farrah Fawcett-style hairdo and plunging crop top, the 24-year-old rapper had just smashed a red classic sports car into a fire hydrant as part of the cop-and-robber act on Sunday.

The 33-year-old “Dreamgirls” actress — sexy in a fitted police uniform — then arrested her sultry co-star for fleeing the cops.

Although they were on opposite sides of the law, it didn’t stop the pop pair from singing and dancing together in the street.

“Trouble” will be featured on Iggy’s “Reclassified” album, a re-release of her 2014 album “The New Classic.”


Update on Bobbi Kristina.  Good news, Bobbi Kristina has been responsive and even opened her eyes.


Bad news, drugs has been found in her home.

via Bossip

Police Find Drugs At Bobbi Kristina’s Home In Second Search For the love of Whitney, PLEASE don’t be in love with the coco…According to TMZ reports: Police found drugs in Bobbi Kristina’s house in the wake of her near drowning … this according to her family. We’ve confirmed … over the weekend cops went back a second time to search the house. The first time they went they found nothing, but we’re told they went a second time and seized several items. Cops will not confirm they found drugs, but family sources tell TMZ authorities told the family that is indeed what was found. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … they believed from the beginning Bobbi Kristina ended up face down in a bathtub as a result of drugs. As for why cops didn’t find anything during the first search … we’re told they were only looking for items that were “out in the open.” Law enforcement tells us the second search was more thorough. Still no telling whether or not Bobbi Kris was just having a lil’ too much fun, or if she was really trying to do harm to herself.

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