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Beyonce Jay-Z Grammys Pose

Just when you thought Beyonce’s BeeHive was done, things are just getting started! The fan club took to Beck’s iTunes Music Reviews to leave negative comments and slander.

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Beyonce Fans Diss Beck

After already rallying against Beck with t-shirts and a petition, Beyonce fans have taken to iTunes to share their displeasure with his Grammy win.

On Monday while Beck’s album sales soared, a number of negative reviews popped up on the music charts from disgruntled followers of Baddie Bey.

“Beyonce deserved the AOTY [album of the year] award. How could she ever remake that album?” wrote one fan.

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Guess whos coming back to reality TV land?!?!



YES! New York and her mom is back!




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Tiffany Pollard And Sister Patterson Plan To Return To Reality TV New York is baaaaaaccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk beyotches! Via TMZ reports: Nobody messes with New York … unless you’re family — “I Love New York” star Tiffany Pollard is bringing it home to mama with her first VH1 show since 2009. Tiffany (AKA New York) made it clear back in the day … if you get in her face you better run. But we’re told that’s all changing on her new untitled show that began taping in L.A. this week. Production sources tell us it will be a completely different NY … she’s breaking away from “Flavor of Love” style dating shows and getting real personal with her mom, Sister Patterson. Amen. There’ll be less of her too … she just finished shooting an episode of “Botched” where she got a breast reduction and nose job. We reached out to VH1 but haven’t heard back.