All right this is it! During the Misty’s Matters of the Heart segment, I’ve spent the past three weeks dicussing the bad habits we all need to leave in 2009 and the new habits we need to create in 2010!!

1.) Treating the WRONG people right

2.) Treating the RIGHT people wrong

Normally, I take answer your Matter of the Heart questions on Monday, but today, I have a few questions for you:

1.)Did you grow this past year?

2.)Did you do your best by your family and friends and employees?

3.) Were you good to yourself?

4.) Did you enjoy everyday?

5.)Did you hold on to people and situations that didn’t want to be held on to?

6.)Did you give all you could?

7.)Did you love as hard as you could no matter how scary it may have been for you?

8.)Did you let go of all the pain?

9.)Did you forgive when you were done wrong?

10.)Did you forgive yourself when you did wrong?   

Take inventory of  your life! Only you are responsible for your happiness!

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