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Wait a minute! So Chris Brown had relations with his alleged baby mother while she was married?! This story is getting  crazier and crazier!

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Was Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Married When She Got Pregnant?

Chris Brown’s baby mama is clapping back at BOSSIP’s exclusive interview with her ex-husband who alleged that she was married when she got pregnant by the singer.

As previously reported Nia Guzman-Amey’s ex-husband Terry Amey is adamant that their marriage ended when the model got pregnant.

At the time however he didn’t realize that she was carrying Chris Brown’s child.


“I am the missing link,” said Terry, “because of the simple fact that I was married to her when she got pregnant.”

“I filed for divorce because Nia was pregnant, but I never did ask who the father was,” he added.

Now however Nia is clapping back via Instagram and went on a lengthy rant about her ex.

After BallerAlert reposted BOSSIP’s story on this latest bit of Breezy baby mama drama, Nia responded in their comments section and clapped back.

According to her she married Terry when she was 16 and she’s had full custody of her other daughter for years.

She also called the guy “Brazil” who claimed that he fathered the child until news broke that Chris Brown was the father saying that he was a scammer attempting to capitalize.  Although he had plenty photos with the baby girl.

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