Man when you get a chance to meet your favorite entertainer is already something great but when that entertainer pulls you on stage to perform with them it can get a little overwhelming. Just ask this young man right here at the Chris Brown Concert.  

#bigbinkshow – Chris Brown’s story is about to be told!  Be on the look out for the Chris Brown story coming to a TV near you.  He talks about what you can expect from the documentary here.

#bigbinkshow – He got off lucky, this time.  Souljia Boy hasn’t had a hit in years,  but he continues to keep himself relevant in the Cyber World.  recently, he went to court to fight gun charges.  Originally,  he was facing 4 years but cut a deal with the DA, so that means probation for Souljia […]

#bigbinkshow – This just came down.  according to, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are targets of a drug investigation that includes thousands of dollars of narcotics including the drank called “purple stuff” or lean.  These allegations actually stem from an investigation of a dealer out of Miami who told people Breezy and Wayne were […]

#bigbinkshow – The residents where Chris Brown resides are pissed!!!!!!   Too much stuff is happening around the Breezy palace and the neighbors are complaining to the LAPD!  Now the LAPD is looking for Breezy to come meet with them for a “come to Jesus meeting”.  The word is every time police go on the […]

Looks like it’s safe to say that Karrueche is over ex Chris Brown.  The two crossed eachother at Kylie Jenner’s 19th Birthday Party and let’s just say it was a little awkward! The two showed up at Kylie’s party separate and seemed happy.  Until paparazzi caught them in photos and the look on Karrueche says […]

Remember when Chris Brown took to social media to express his concern about the mother of his daughter dressing his daughter a little to sexy for her dance class?  Well T.I. agrees with Chris Brown and holds him down on “The View” earlier this morning. Watch here:  

Chris Brown lets his guard down in his upcoming Documentary where he says he considered taking his own life.  Watch here:

Happy New Year to say the least! Tons of things kicked off just in time for the new year, some good and some bad! Let’s start off with the good news!  Rudy Huxtable also known as Keshia Knight Pulliam is now engaged!  Nope, not to Big Tigger.  She moved on to Ex NFL player Ed […]

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