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Happy New Year to say the least! Tons of things kicked off just in time for the new year, some good and some bad! Let’s start off with the good news!  Rudy Huxtable also known as Keshia Knight Pulliam is now engaged!  Nope, not to Big Tigger.  She moved on to Ex NFL player Ed Hartwell announcing it on her Instgram page showing off her new bling!

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Congrats Keshia!

Speaking of new boos, who knew that Ciara’s bf Russell Wilson knew how to sing?  He was in a video at what seemed to be a live karaoke event with friends singing “Nice and Slow” by Usher!  He sounded pretty good!  So Russell, are you trying to send a message to Ciara? Check his out singing skills out for yourself:

Go Russell! So cute!

And not so cute, a chick is claiming that no only did singer Chris Browndid not allow entry into his party but punched her!  Well Chris Brown is clapping back and denying the claims.  Here’s what he had to say:

via TMZ

as a warning to anyone who makes false allegations against him … no more Mr. Nice Guy. He’ll be suing you.

Sources close to Chris tell us, he will be filing a lawsuit against Liziane Gutierrez, the woman who claims he punched her in the eye at a Vegas hotel.  She filed a police report and made statements to others about the alleged incident.  We’re told Chris will be filing a defamation suit against her, as early as tomorrow.

Brown, we’re told, is taking other steps … for starters he’s cutting out the “hangers-on” who are inviting “random girls” to hang out with him.  He says this is the second time he’s been falsely accused of abuse by party girls and he’s putting a quick end to it.

As we reported Gutierrez also went after Jason Derulo after he left her on the sidewalk outside a Hollywood club and invited her friends to an afterparty at his home.  She told TMZ a week after the party that Jason tried doing untoward things with the girls, who left the party crying.

Gutierrez refused to substantiate her accusation with a single example.  Chris says  it’s proof she’s just a bitter woman who lies when she doesn’t get her way.

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