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Since Kylie Jenner Instagram Post of her appearing a little darker and the caption “I wish I looked like this” has everyone claiming that she was doing black face and wants to be black.

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Kylie Jenner Creates Controversy By Wishing She Looked Like Black Light Photoshoot All The Time

We’ve cracked more than a few jokes about Kylie morphing into Blac Chyna but does the youngest Jenner daughter really want dark skin?

When Kylie posted the photo above and the accompanying caption “What I wish I looked like all the time” it kicked off a huge controversy Saturday night. Why? Because you know people get sensitive about white folks going dark… Kylie ended up deleting the post, but she posted several more shots, explaining the pictures were edited using lights to create the colors.

What makes this controversy even more interesting is that Karrueche and Zendaya also jumped into the conversation.


Check out the photo here:  Kylie Jenner