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Eleven albums, countless hit singles and three decades ago, the six man collective known as Full Force was just another family with aspirations of making it big in the music industry. All native New Yorkers, the brothers Bowlegged Lou, Paul Anthony and B-Fine, along with their three cousins, J-R aka Shy Shy, Curt T-T and Baby Gerry, boasted limitless talent as producers, songwriters and performers. With their trailblazing efforts in full swing, Full Force churned out more hits for the likes of Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Samantha Fox, Patti Labelle,James Brown (Producing The Godfather’s final top 10 records ever with “Static” & I’m Real) and a host of others in the 80s. When they weren’t producing and writing for others, the sextet was serving up its own hits, “Alice I Want You Just For Me,” “Unselfish Lover”,All In My Mind, “Temporary Love Thing.” & their most popular song Aint My Type Of Hype which was the dance-off theme song for the smash hit movie>House Party which The 3 Full Force brothers acted & co-starred as the comedic scene stealing bullies along-side Kid N Play,Martin Lawrence,Robin Harris,Tisha Campbell,AJ Johnson,Daryl Chill Mitchell & George P-Funk Clinton.