DJ Dimepiece and Future

Source: Dimepiece / Dimepiece

So are Drake and Future really planning to drop a mixtape?  Insert the viral earworm “Why You Always Lyin'”…

As we all know now, the mixtape that has been rumored to be released by Future and Drake has yet to drop.  It was rumored to drop last night and never did.  So will the two super rappers release a project together or nah?  Looks like they actually will.  According to a source:

via The Urban Daily

To be fair, the Instagram photos of Future and Drake together in the studio did make #FBGOVO seem like a real thing. But if you were one of the thousands who were at their laptops at 10:55 p.m. only to watch the countdown clock stop at six seconds, you actually did get a surprise. It was Drake’s Degrassi erection.

Go home, guys.

UPDATE: It turns out just the countdown wasn’t real. Word on Road reports that Future/Drake mixtape is on the way.




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