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Erica Mena & Bow Wow

Source: Bennett Raglin/BET / Getty

Bow Wow lets everyone know who wears the pants in the house and sets the record straight in regards to the loss of their unborn baby.

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Bow Wow Blasts Erica Mena For Speaking On Their Miscarriage

While everyone’s still throwing their support behind Erica Mena after the beauty opened up about suffering a miscarriage when she was four months preggers, her fiance and would-be baby daddy is dragging her through social media for being an attention whore. As it turns out, Bow Wow thinks Erica is digging for likes by talking about a miscarriage that, according to him, happened five months ago and not as recent as Erica is making it out to be.

Bow hopped on Instagram and ironically blasted Erica for putting their business out on social media and lambasted his future wife for waiting five whole months to speak on the tragic event. The pint-size rapper even went as far as to say he thought waiting that long, as opposed to speaking out when it happened, was Erica seeking attention.


We all passed first grade math, but maybe Bow Wow didn’t. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if Erica was four months pregnant five months ago, than September 17th was probably their due date. That’s most likely why she decided to speak out on that day. And if communicating via social media is how they communicate, then God help their pending marriage!

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