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Ryan Salandy (suh LAND-ee) was like a lot of people, trying to make it in the music business as a rapper. Well….like a lot of people trying to be a rapper, he was doing business with someone he maybe shouldn’t have. So Ryan got into an argument with a guy named William McDaniel, and the argument got so bad, rapper Ryan ran over William with his car! And I mean, RAN HIM OVER. His windshield looks like he hit a deer. And Ryan didn’t even stop! Ran over William, killing him, and went straight to ever rapper’s first safety spot: his mama’s house. So Ryan has been charged with first-degree murder, as he should. His family was outside the courthouse praying. Why were they praying so hard? Because Ryan, ladies and gentlemen, is a CHRISTIAN Rapper. What he gone name his first mixtape? The NINE Commandments?? Resurrected……Or Not?? What would Jesus do?? Well he surely wouldn’t run anyone over; he didn’t have a car.


If you still haven’t made it, at what age should you stop trying to be a rapper?