Onika Tanya Maraj is front-and-center on the new issue of the New York Times where she has abruptly-ended interview on all the goings on of her very public life.

For the first time, we finally hear her thoughts on her bae’s battle with her “brother”:

It was getting dark outside when I asked about Drake, Meek, Wayne and Williams. Minaj hadn’t turned on lights, so she was in shadow. ‘‘They’re men, grown-ass men,’’ she said. ‘‘It’s between them.’’ How does it make you feel, I ask? ‘‘I hate it,’’ she said. ‘‘It doesn’t make me feel good. You don’t ever want to choose sides between people you love. It’s ridiculous. I just want it to be over.’’

Keeping her nose out of it is about the best (and only) thing that Nicki can do, but there’s no WAY she didn’t at least crack a smile at some of those memes.

Anyway, flip it over to see hear Nicki’s current thoughts on Miley Cyrus, a few months removed from their MTV VMA’s confrontation.

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