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You know church people say to pay your tithes and offerings, sew a seed and you’ll flourish. Well there’s one church in St. Louis where the tithes definitely weren’t going to God. Pastor Ralph Sawyer must’ve had a huge congregation, because there were a lot of tithes. His church had a debit card, and Pastor Ralph was arrested for stealing $21,727.50 from the church! But why?? Did he wanna buy a car? Add to his house? Nope. Pastor Ralph spent $21,000 to keep his side chick quiet! See he had an affair with a hot 20-year-old thing in June, and she kept begging for money. So he paid her to keep her quiet, but finally broke it off in August. That’s around the time the church’s treasurer realized there was money missing. Okay hold on: he spent 21 racks on his side chick in 2 months ?? Ya know, his church is probably super honest, because clearly he ain’t no playa.


How do you break up with your side chick/side guy?