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Source: maricopa county sheriff / maricopa county sheriff

People do a lot of things in exchange for sex. Hey, some people just can’t get it as easily as others. James Darland is clearly on that list, but he went WAY too far just to get his rocks off. See James isn’t interested in women. He’s not interested in men either. James likes farm animals. But oh this is just the beginning of the story. James had a pet dog, but apparently the dog wasn’t his type. So instead, James pimped his dog out to other “animal lovers,” so that he could have sex with their farm animals. James had sex with his neighbor’s dog, horse, and sheep back home. And on his route as a delivery man, he had also made love to some dogs he encountered along the way. He was caught after he arranged a deal to stay on a man’s farm to have lots of sex with the man’s miniature horses, dogs, and goats, but he didn’t realize the man he made the deal with was an undercover cop. So James was arrested. Well, at least nobody in jail has to worry about dropping the soap around James; they’re not his type.


You ever had a crazy sexual encounter?