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Love And Hip Hop Hollywood episode 2

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As the season nears its end, things are beginning to come to a head on Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.

This week’s episode saw several brewing situations explode as many of the cast members were ousted for their dishonest ways. Willie learns about Shanda returning to work as a stripper, Teairra finds out that Princess is now involved in her fashion show with Nikki, Apryl takes Omarion to task over her halted singing career, and Miles is finally ready to face Milan.

Let’s get into the highlights of LHHH season 2, episode 10!

Bring It On Sountrack Release Party Hosted By Lil Fizz And J-Boog

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Fizz links up with Moniece as she’s spending time with their son Kameron at the park. He commends her on her recent progress in her relationship with their son and also suggests that they get back on a more consistent co-parenting schedule. Moniece agrees to get back on a schedule and Fizz then steers the conversation towards her relationship with Rich. He questions Moniece about the seriousness of their relationship, adding that if Rich is someone that she’s going to have around on a consistent basis, he’d like to meet him to get a better idea of the person who will be around his son. Moniece agrees that they’ll need to meet soon and although Fizz says he’s won’t pass judgement on Rich before meeting him in spite of the negative things that have been reported about him in the media, he says he can’t help but to proceed with caution when it comes to his son. Moniece is hopeful that the meeting between Rich and Fizz will go better than their dramatic sit downs with her mother.

Milan Christopher & Brittany Lewis

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Miles finally meets up with Milan for the first time since coming out to Amber. He says he feels he’s now done everything Milan has asked of him and hopes that Milan understands that it was all for him and for the betterment of their relationship. WheMilan criticizes Miles for not involving him when he made the decision to come out to Amber and his family so that he could offer his support, Miles says he tried to contact Milan but was unable to reach him. They argue briefly before Miles tells Milan that part of his family’s reaction to his news was that they’d like to him. Milan is pleasantly surprised by Miles wanting to introduce him to his family, pointing out that this is a big step for Miles and a huge indication that he is taking their relationship seriously. He tells Miles that he’s really glad that he finally decided to tell his family and Amber the truth so that he could be at peace with himself both in and outside the confines of their relationship.

2015 BET Awards - Arrivals

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Apryl joins Omarion as he does an on-air radio appearance on Big Boy’s neighborhood. They discuss the recent success in Omarion’s career and Apryl speaks on balancing being a mother with supporting Omarion while he’s on the road by traveling with him so he can have his son at his side. The conversation also briefly ventures to Apryl’s somewhat stifled singing career that has she says has taken a backseat while she’s been supporting Omarion and raising their son. Omariaon and Apryl continue talking about the topic once the interview is over and they make their way to the car, where she becomes anxious about the lack of progression in her career aspirations. She admits that she’s getting to a place where she’s worried about being forgotten and looks for Omarion to reassure her that he’ll be there to support her career sooner than later just as she’s done for him. When Apryl briefly begins speaking on past relationships where she was let down after believing that she’d receive the same support she’d given, Omarion suggests that she’s just being insecure. When she continues to express concern that her moment may be passing her by, he suggests that she sharpen her skills in the meantime and wait for the right time to move forward with her singing. As they wrap up their convo, Omarion reassures a still-skeptical Apryl that he wont’ forget about her and has her back.

Willie & Shanda

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While visiting Nikki at one of her strip clubs, Fizz is shocked when he notices that Willie’s wife Shanda is dancing on stage at the club and even more surprised when Nikki tells him that Shanda has been working there for a few weeks.

Later, Shanda and Willie met up with Nikki and Fizz at a local lounge where Screwface has set up a small showcase for Willie. Shanda becomes worried when conversation begins between the four of them, fearing that Nikki or Fizz will bring up her recent shifts at the strip club that she has yet to tell Willie about. Her fears are realized almost immediately when Nikki jokingly makes a comment referencing Shanda’s dancing skills and Fizz chimes in with his reaction to seeing her on stage at the strip club, unaware that Willie doesn’t know about his wife’s ne side hustle. In light of their comments, Willie instantly realizes that Shanda has been working at the strip club against his wishes and they begin to argue. Shanda says she regrets that Willie had to find out this way but tells him that she felt she had no other choice after hearing from Screwface that he couldn’t get out of his contract. Meanwhile, Nikki and Fizz make their exit as Shanda and Willie’s argument continues to escalate. Willie repeatedly questions Shanda on why she would go back to stripping behind his back and in spite of him telling her that he had their financial situation under control. She points out that he was just as dishonest about his label situation and reminds him that he lied about the situation when she asked. She also says she could no longer chance their financial situation worsening and felt she did what she needed to keep that from happening, When she tells Willie that she doesn’t care about him asking her not to return to stripping, he responds by suggesting that she should pursue that career by herself if that’s what she chooses to do. Their argument reaches its’ height as Shanda angrily storms out of the lounge after striking Willie in the face. Although his focus has now shifted, Willie hits the stage for his performance immediately following his blow up with Shanda. He makes his way outside after the performance and appears slightly surprised to find Shanda in tears waiting for him. She immediately apologizes for going against his wishes and returning to her job at the strip club, which causes him to apologize to her for lying about being out of his contract. Their conversation ends with Willie reminding Shanda once again that she never has to strip to support their family as they hug it out.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood episode 2

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Although Rich is not excited about meeting Fizz to talk, he agrees to it when Moniece adamantly maintains that if he’s unable to get along with Fizz, it may be a deal breaker in their relationship as far as she is concerned.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood episode 2

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Later, Rich reluctantly goes to meet up with Fizz at Monience’s request. He is on his guard and prepared for the worst, not planning to tolerate any type of judgment from Fizz. Rich admits to Fizz that he was half way expecting their sit down to go left, but Fizz reassures him that he has no intentions on coming at him sideways. When Rich begins to tell Fizz that he has turned over a new leaf as far as women are concerned, Fizz stops him, insisting that he’d first like to get an idea of how serious Rich and Monience’s relationship is before anything else. Rich admits that he loves Moniece and that he made the move from New York to L.A. to see if things will work, but adds that he can’t guarantee anything. In response to Rich’s unsure depiction of his relationship with Moniece, Fizz tells Rich that if he’s not completely sure that a future with Moniece is in his plans, he’d rather his son Kameron not be around when they’re together to avoid him seeing men in and out of his mother’s life. In response, Rich tells Fizz that he has no intentions on trying to position himself as Kameron’s father or even a disciplinarian in his life and also adds that he’d only step in in that way if Kameron were in some type of danger when he’s present. In the end, Fizz concludes that he’s thankful that Rich is receptive to his concerns as a father and Rich says he’s glad that their conversation went down free of any drama or disrespect.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

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Nikki, Princess, Milan and Hazel get to work at a fitting for the fashion show. When Teairra shows up with unfinished garments, Nikki openly expresses her concern that Teairra’s clothing won’t be ready in time for the fashion show and also says she’s glad that Hazel signed on to help bring in other designers to make sure that the show was successful with or without Teairra’s involvement. When Hazel tries to casually mention that Princess is one of the other designers she brought in to make sure the show is a success, Teairra becomes instantly irritated. In addition to being taken a back by Nikki and Hazel failing to mention that they’d added Princess to the show while she was in the midst of recovering from her surgery, Teairra is also not in favor of Hazel’s much more involved role in getting everything put together. Upon learning about Princess’ involvement, Teairra calmly tells the ladies that she is no longer interested in being a part of the show, but surprisingly attempts to keep things cordial with Princess by complimenting one of her designs. Things go left when Princess suggests that the real reason Teairra doesn’t want to do the show is because her designs aren’t fully completed, which leads Teairra to question Hazel and Nikki on why they’d want negative energy from Princess at their show. As each of the ladies attempt to place the blame on Teairra for the show not being able to flow smoothly because of her history with Princess, she manages to keep her cool…until Hazel randomly brings up the accusations about her hooking up with Berg. Teairra first attempts to cut Hazel off and question why she agreed to work with her on the fashion show if she still had unresolved issues about the Berg situation, but when Hazel loudly proclaims that she would never sleep with her best friend’s ex boyfriend, Teairra comes closer to losing her cool. She maintains her calm demeanor as Hazel goes on a loud rant about how Teairra has wronged both Nikki and Princess, as well as herself, in the past . Nikki and Princess remain silent as Teairra and Hazel’s shouting match reaches its’ peak. The heated conversation ends when Milan volunteers to escort Teairra out of the dress rehearsal and she leaves.


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