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A teenager from Tennessee ended up spending two nights in jail for wearing his pants below his waist, according to WSPA.

Antonio Ammons, 18, was arrested by a resource officer at Bolivar Central High School along with another student for “indecent exposure” in November. Two other students were also given citations, but did not face jail time. Ammons, who has never been incarcerated before, spent 48 hours at the Hardeman County Jail.

Attorney Leslie Ballin told WSPA that sagging pants do not constitute indecent exposure under the law.

In an affidavit, police officials explained the trouble with Ammons stemmed from repeated demands the teen wear his pants above his waist. The resource officer, identified as Hardeman County Deputy Charles Woods, said he told Ammons to pull up his pants on Nov. 5, but was ignored multiple times. Ammons’ past was also brought up in the report, including details of a suspension for “showing gang related/hate violence or intimidation,” according to The Daily Beast.

Woods said Ammons had “an attitude when asked to pull up his pants from sagging” and was warned “several times” before complying with school staff and the officer himself. “I just took it and went on. I didn’t know what else to do,” Ammons said. 

The Hardeman County Schools handbook has a rule that bans bell bottoms and low slung, baggy seat or baggy legged jeans.

But students at the high school say jail time is an extreme measure.

Ammons, who lives with his great-grandmother, isn’t sure how he will pay the $250 in fees he’s acquired due to the incident.

SOURCE: WSPA, The Daily Beast | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform


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